Three Streets Roulette System

Roulette system “Three Streets” is similar to the system six streets, but the way of increasing the bets and distribution is different, . Otherwise, the system is quite simple.


1. Each dozen is for itself: (1-12) (13-24) (25-36)

2. Within a dozen always bet on only one street

3. If it comes out a dozen in which you have not wagered on any street, next time you bet on this street in this particular dozen (so you bet the maximum 3 streets)

4. If it comes out a dozen, but your street is not  in it, you increase your bet by one coin and bet on the same street.
Example: bet 1 token on street 1-3. It comes number 10.
Add another token on street 1-3 and keep playing

5. What to do if you win (Important!)
Let’s say you have
bets on the cloth,  placed as follows:

Street 1-3 (I dozen) bet five coins
Street 13-15 (II dozen) bet three coins
Street 25-27 (III dozen) bet two coins
it comes number 27 and you win

The amount of each bet is reduced by the number of tokens who have been out on the winning street. (So in this case street 25-27 win and don’t bet on it any more)

In this case you bet on this street two coins. Takes the same amount that is, two coins – from the bets on other streets and continue.

On street 1-3 (I dozen) bet is 3 tokens.
On street 13-15 (II dozen) bet is 1 token.
Do not bet on any street on dozen III.

6. The next rotation it comes III dozen
So, bet one token on it, just like in the beginning of the game

7. If it comes up zero, nothing happens, keep betting on the same places with same amounts


If the street with the biggest bet wins, then remove all bets from it.

If wins the street on which the bets are less than the other
dozen reduce the bets in two
other dozen  with the same number of
tokens that you bet on the winning street.

This is important because in this way have a controlled progression!


We recommend you to first try out the system without betting. The system is not risky, but do not take unnecessary risks – and it may happen bad run, so it’s good to have some capital. For sure recommend you to have a reserve of 400 tokens for each set token.

The amount may seem excessive, but casinos earn just by people coming poor, hoping to leave rich. And this happens, but mostly on the movies. With sufficient capital, however, earning where many others fail unnecessarily.