35 to 1 Roulette System

Many roulette players bet on their favorite numbers down because they are in awe coefficient of 35 : 1. American Roulette double zero gives the casino a statistical advantage 5.27% in French Roulette 2.7% (which is preferred). All this leads to many vain attempts of players who take it seriously and want to get into the narrow circle of professionals. Necessary to meet the strategy of betting on numbers known as “System 35: 1”.
This system is based on something known as the “law of uneven distribution”.
By this We mean the tendency of the numbers on the roulette wheel to be repeated.
We guess you will agree that in the course of any of the 38 spins will not come out all the numbers. In a series of 38 rotations is generally repeated one third of the figures in which some numbers come out two, three, or more times, while others do not come out at all.

This phenomenon is not just theory, but check the facts, supported by the experience of tens of thousands of spins. Which led to interesting conclusions. Strange as it is often the numbers tend to come out repeatedly continue to do so. This system was invented by trial and errors. It is first necessary to define the limit of profits and losses.

Your maximum bet per spin should be equal to four times the potential earnings at the lowest bet. For example, if the minimum amount (stake) is one euro minimum profit would be 35 EUR. 4 x 35 is 140, so the total amount of bets per spin should be a maximum of 140 EUR. Minimum planned net profit should be 1.5 times the amount bet. So if you bet per spin of € 140 planned net profit would be € 210. You will need something to write to a note of the numbers have fallen extremely zeros as the case – double zeros. As soon as you have at least two numbers that have come out twice you can start. Bet on any number that has dropped more than two times, and adding the new numbers, which have come out by more than twice. Continue in this way until you get 6 different repeat numbers that work for you. Within one rotation don’t bet on more than 6 numbers. The bet is always the same, say one per each number until one of them wins. Once this happens, return to one euro and earning 35. Then bet profit in such a way that divide € 36 between the original numbers. According to the number of numbers and dividing the sum for example –  € 18, if the two numbers are, for € 12 if the numbers are three, at 9, if there are four, in 7 if there are five or 6, if the numbers are 6. If any of your numbers come up twice in a row, your profit would be between 210 and 630 €! In this situation, you can leave the game. If you start to use this system frequently, you will notice that you start to earn only after losing about half the capital that you have set for your maximum bet on one spin. So if you still have € 70 and earn at least € 210, you have € 280 total (minus the 140 you had in the beginning), that you leave with a net profit of € 140. You doubled your money. You may ask what happens if no number not fall twice in a row. In this case, return to bets of one dollar until you win then you continue to follow the described method. Someone may seem that the system is too risky and the probability of winning is too low. But watch how the numbers fall – you will be surprised how often it is repeated. It is a system in which a calculated risk you can earn a substantial amount.

Numbers Tokens Pay out Lost Bets Profit
2 18 630 -18 612
3 12 420 -24 396
4 9 315 -27 288
6 6 210 -30 180


If you are a player who likes to take risks, you can complete as soon as the profit. Just take the money, do not split between numbers and betting. But that might not be such a good idea, because you stay with only a portion of the money that you can win on the next spin. This is a dilemma, the player decided individually according to their own financial and mental reserves.