Roulette System 300

The system is named after the amount that most often bet on it.

  1. Bet 100 € on the first dozen (numbers 1 to 12)
  2. Bet 100 € on second dozen (numbers 13 to 18)
  3. Bet 10 € on ten random numbers from the third dozen.

If it comes up number from the first or second dozen, you win just as much as you bet and continue.
If it comes up one of the ten numbers from the third dozen, which you bet, profit is six times larger than the bet, in this case 60 €!
(probability is 1: 3.5)
If it comes up one of the two numbers, which are not pledged or comes up zero, you lose 300 € (probability is 1: 12.3).

We recommend that you play without unnecessary risks – as in the system of Shaun
– And can use the time when it comes up one of ten numbers and leave with earned € 60 or try another betting system.