2 Or More System of Roulette

2 Or More System is completely simple and only requires patience and nerves (but what nowadays does not require them). This is a system which is based on a more high frequency of certain numbers. As you know, roulette relies on probability theory, according to which, a large number of spins should all numbers come up approximately equal number of times. What about when you have a small number of spins? Generally a bit different. Probably you will agree that the numbers are coming out sporadically – some more often other less. This could be due to chance or to the surface roughness the true roulette – sometimes an error in the software.

So the method is as follows:

  1. Write down gradually winning numbers of 37 spins (in the case of French roulette with one zero), possibly 38 spins (if you play American roulette with two zeros).
  2. Take the numbers written those who have come out 2 or more times within these 37 spins.
  3. Bet on the same amount of these numbers over the next 37 spins. Even when you win, keep betting on the same numbers with same amount as they are likely to come out more than once.
  4. After the 37 spins, which are gambled on, stop playing, write down the next 37 winning numbers and repeat the point  2, 3 and 4.

You will notice that over the series of 37 spins always bet on 6-11 numbers and win an average of 9-13 times for a series that should be enough.