Bond Roulette System

James Bond Roulette System is an relatively effective method to bet 200 tokens in the following way:
140 tokens bet on numbers 19-36;
50 tokens bet on six numbers from 13 to 18;
10 tokens as insurance to zero.
Once you look, you found that you have covered two thirds of the canvas!

If it comes below half net profit is 80 tokens;
If it comes one of the six numbers, the net profit is 100 tokens;
If it comes zero net profit is 160 coins.
If it comes a number of the top half and losses
next time stakes increase, as in the system Martingale.
When betting on Bond have a chance to regain
invested capital, thanks to bets on the six numbers and zero.

Bond Roulette System Review at roulettetoken.comIf you’re going to use this system, remember that it provides you a high chance of a quick profit. Then immediately exit the game because you can follow a long losing streak. Therefore, use the Bond System only when you have sufficient capital to withstand a long losing streak.


You can test James Bond Roulette System  in free online casinos with a virtual cash balance and you will see how effective and profitable might be.


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