Roulette System 63

This system is called “63” because it gives you a 63% chance of success with each spin of the roulette when you play American roulette. The system was created in America. When play French roulette, should to be called system 64, because the chance of winning is increased by one percent. You will need 80 tokens per level. They are a total of five for the entire game. Needed capital will be 80 x 5 = 400 tokens (depending on their value). Bet on two of the three dozen optionally two of the three columns. In other words, the chance of winning is 24/38 = 63%, which explains the name of the system. In French Roulette 24/37 = 64%. Start with that you bet 1 token of a dozen (or column) and one token to another dozen (or column). If it comes out a number from one of your dozen (columns) are immediately ahead of one token.If you lose use of progression 1-1, 3-3, 9-9, 27-27.

Example :

Let’s say you bet on the first two dozen and has come the number 12. You win two tokens of the first dozen, but you lose a token on the second dozen.
Your profit is 2-1 = 1 token.
If you lose in this spin, the next time you bet on each of these dozen with three  tokens.
If this time lose bet again on the same dozen nine coins.
If the next spin your two dozen not win, bet on them 27 coins.
The only way to lose all your 80 tokens that four consecutive fall dozen
which you have wagered, and this happens very rarely.

Probability of such a thing happening is (14/38) of the fourth x 100 = 1.84% for American roulette and (13/37) of the fourth x 100 = 1.52% in the French roulette.

If possible, play French Roulette (which has only one zero, not two as the U.S.).
If so your risk is pretty much just bet smaller amounts.
You can safely get to the fifth level, where probability of loss is only 0.5%!

This system is relatively secure, but we still advise you to resist the temptation for a quick profit. Our team recommend you to start from the smallest possible amounts.
If you lose, you better not play anymore in this day and come back when you feel ready.
Our advice is to play until you win 50 to 100 EUR, then quit the game.