System of Four Spins

The System of Four Spins is completely simple system … Bet by one token for each of the last four numbers who have come out (including that which has come out as the last). The system relies on the fact the numbers at roulette repeat at different intervals, some of which are repeated several times in consecutive spins, while others do not come out for a long time. Begin wagering at the moment you notice that within 4 turns any number is repeated. Ending the game when you lose two consecutive spins. Recommended capital in this system is at least EUR 100 ( if using tokens worth five euros). If you have less capital , of course , you can use tokens with a lower value. If you lose , you can replay the whole amount or part of it. If you win , the profit is 32 coins (35 – 3 that you have lost one token remains of the winning numbers in the next betting) . If you play with tokens of five euros, profit is 145 EUR ( 100 + 45 profit) and still you remain EUR 20 for the next bet. If you win again, the whole procedure is repeated.

Watch the roulette wheel, and comes out the number 15. Do not bet, wait. The next number is 17. Wait. The third is 31. Still waiting. The fourth is 2. It has been four spins and you still waiting. In the next spin comes out  3 (again) … Now is your time.
In the next spin bet one coin on each of the numbers 15,17,2,31 (strikeout Winner number 31 and record it at the end of the series).
The next rotation comes out 5 – lose. Your next bet will be 17,2,31,5 (again 1 chip on each number)
The next rotation comes out 2. Earn 32 coins plus one that remains of the couple. Your next bet will be 17,31,5,2.
The next rotation comes out 8 – lose. Your next bet will be 31,5,2,8 (crossing out the first number of the quadruple and replace it with the last winning).
The next rotation comes out 12. Lose the second time consecutively after you won.
Leave the game, this time victorious.