Bet365 Poker

Bet365 Poker Site is great. It is the most prestigious poker website in the network iPoker, contains an abundance of a variety of rooms, huge traffic and you have more than enough opponents available and very clear and easy to use poker software. You can not receive rakeback in bet365 poker room , but has a nice VIP program for compensation.

Bet365 is one of the best poker sites in the world. There’s no rakeback, but in its place there is a decent program with VIP points which can be exchanged for cash.

Although we can not receive rakeback on bet365, but the team of the site spent a lot of time in this poker room because the traffic is big enough and the software does not make any obstacles on the game, even it makes it easier. Competition is not very strong, so you can win in no small percentage of hands, which makes Bet365 Poker a great option for a wide variety of players.

The only disappointment in this poker room is the lack of direct system rakeback. However, the VIP program points is good enough for regular players so you get a good amount of one kind of rakeback. The percentages are not as high as the standard rakeback deals but bet365 VIP scheme is one of the most profitable in terms of players.

Competition and traffic at Bet365 Poker

Very high volume of traffic (third among all poker rooms).

Bet365 is part of the network iPoker, which currently holds third place in traffic poker rooms. In front of it are only giants PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker. This makes bet365 largest online poker room in the world that does not accept Americans, and you can be sure to find weak opponents will not be any problem.

The high volume of traffic means that undoubtedly there will always be a steady stream of soft competition, from which our task is to take advantage. Another reason for the lower level of the players is that the site does not accept US players, but it is acknowledged that Americans are the largest specialists of this game. Many people boast quite profitable sessions at bet365, which probably explains why so many people are directed towards this room.

Just those two things – the huge traffic and lower average level of players are some of the things that make this as many online poker room so praised.

Easy to use and does not cause any problems. However, many poker players are not so happy with it. It is not compatible for Mac. Bet365 software is both much loved and much hated. We have always liked the design of this poker room because it is very clean. You can always clearly see the action that occurs while playing. Easy to use. We have never encountered problems finding a table with taking a seat.

However, it should be noted that some players have known dislike of this software are not happy that they have to use it. We can not give a logical explanation for this, but we recommend you do so, download bet365 poker software and then try a few sessions with virtual money before playing for real.

One last thing that should be mentioned is that it can not change the visual size of the online poker tables, but instead they are provided with a mini-view. It may not appeal to everyone, but we think it does a good job.